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Turning Your Web Presence into a Sales Engine

Enhance your business digital presence with Stone in the Shoe’s comprehensive suite of services. A website is no longer just a virtual business card – it’s a powerful sales tool that requires strategic planning and execution. From web design and SEO optimisation to website audits, hosting, blog writing, and UX design, our services are tailored to drive sales, expand brand reach, and deliver tangible results.

Why you need Search Engine Optimisation

Picture this: You’ve thrown a fantastic party, but if your guests can’t find the venue, the party’s a bust.

The digital world works the same way. If your website doesn’t pop up when people search for what you offer, it’s like hosting a hidden party.

Our SEO wizardry ensures your website isn’t just present; it’s the life of the online party. With SEO, your business becomes the cool kid everyone wants to hang out with on the search engine dance floor. 🥳

why blog

Why you need to Blog?
(Actually, you don’t, we do it for you.)

Imagine your website as a garden. A static website is like a pretty flower bed that never changes. But search engines, the bees 🐝🐝 of the digital world, prefer vibrant gardens that keep blooming.
That’s where blogging comes in.

Fresh, relevant content is like nourishment for your website’s growth. Our skilled team of web designers and copywriters, backed by AI, crafts blog posts that speak to your audience and resonate in your industry.

These posts not only keep your website lively but also feed search engines the nectar they crave, boosting your chances of being plucked as the top choice in search results. Leave the green thumbs to us – we’ll cultivate your digital garden into a buzzing oasis of growth and opportunity. 🌼

30″ Video: Your Website’s Power Boost

In the digital realm, attention spans are fleeting. That’s where the power of a carefully crafted 30-second video comes in. Imagine it as your website’s dynamic movie trailer, strategically placed on your homepage or landing page.

How many people would go to the cinema if we had no movie trailers? 🍿

A brief and engaging video on your website can captivate visitors’ interest and encourage them to explore further and engage with your business. 🚀

With Stone in the Shoe, we specialise in creating impactful videos (since 2005).

Landing pages

Landing Pages:
Boosting Sales with Tailored Tales

Google ads that truly convert, avoiding a wasted effort’s hurt. No more pointing to a vague domain, nor a generic page’s uncertain terrain. Dedicated landing pages, that’s the key, where conversions flow and business glee.

Imagine you’re a car dealership with a variety of cars – let’s call them Car A, Car B, and Car C. You create separate Google ads for each car and direct them to their respective car pages. This approach can yield moderate success. 🚙

But here’s where the real magic happens: let’s say you want to promote a specific SUV. Instead of a single generic landing page, you create two distinct landing pages. One appeals to adventure-seekers who love off-road experiences, and the other targets safety-conscious families. Then, you create two Google ads, each tailored to its landing page. This approach is your superpower. 🏎️

Advertising success is landing-page made, where conversion rates gently cascade. Fear not, for Stone in the Shoe’s aid, in every website, these gems are laid for you.

Load time lag? Sales will drag.

In today’s digital age, speed is more than a necessity – it’s an expectation. Just a few seconds of delay in website loading can lead to potential customers hitting the dreaded “back” button.

Google prioritizes fast websites in its search results, meaning a slow site can be a roadblock to potential clients finding you.

At Stone in the Shoe, we understand that a fast website is the cornerstone of an effective online presence. Our team meticulously crafts websites that load with lightning speed, ensuring your visitors are engaged and your content is delivered promptly. Our websites can load as fast as 2.7 seconds without compromising design or functionality.


Ditch the lag, Client’s in the bag. 💰


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