Brand Visibility

To buy from you, clients first must find your brand and trust it.

We are all exposed to over 4000 ads per day (source: Forbes). How can your brand get more visibility with the right audience, without breaking the bank?


Use use Technology and Neuroscience to make brands grow in a reasonable timeframe and serious costs optimisation. 

It’s not all about the numbers

You can ask any kid or startup agency and they can get you thousands of followers in a few days for a few bucks. Then you’ll realise that most followers are far away from your target audience. This not only damages your brand, and increases the costs of sales because your followership is polluted and the algorithms will taste your budget, but you incur a serious risk to have your social media accounts suspended.


Stone in the Shoe helps organizations of all sizes (public and private) as well as personal brands, politicians and celebrities to reach their maximum brand exposure with real people who are relevant to the brand.

We’ve been doing this for a while, so we learnt a trick or two to optimize the budget of our clients and maximise every cent to get more brand exposure.  

Simone Zanetti at the TikTok booth

The Social Media hidden resources 

At Stone in the Shoe we have dedicated account managers form the major platforms: Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Google and YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, etc.

This allow us to be extremely sophisticated in the use of the platforms for organic and paid reach.

We’ve been with all these platforms since they started and our experience allow us to share with our clients strategies that are not common knowledge like for example, increase followers without “buying’ them but rather attract the right audience and grow your brand popularity with the people you want, in any industry. 

[PICTURE: Stone in the Shoe represented in Germany by our founder Simone Zanetti at the TikTok booth (2022) ]


The Stone in the Shoe social media Iceberg

The Stone in the Shoe social media iceberg

Social media done right has been a great asset for our clients, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With our methodology, A.I. and modern technologies it is possible today to accelerate not only brand awareness but be as specific as targeting people that would remember the brand or clients that would most probably use their credit card with our brand. We help organizations in 3 phases:

  1. brand recognition and recall
  2. brand association
  3. brand loyalty

The first tactic increases the number of people aware of your brand. It’s excellent to expand awareness and recognition of your business but most of all it helps building a population of users that you can re-target online.

Brand association and loyalty make people prepared to pay a higher price for your products or services, just because they carry your brand.

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