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Embarking on online ads can be daunting, with the crucial task of reaching the right audience, generating quality leads, and boosting sales. Trusting an agency with your brand’s reputation and success means you want results, not hollow promises.

Millions of potential clients out there can benefit from your products or services.

They just need to know you exist, and you need to know who they are. That’s where we step in – bridging the gap between you and your future customers.

At Stone in the Shoe, we’re more than an advertising agency. Harnessing over two decades of AI experience and three decades in neuromarketing, we craft campaigns that connect with your audience, reduce ad costs, and drive measurable results. Our distinctive combination of the DeepFlo™ methodology and AI tactics sets us apart.


Where should you advertise?

Deciding where to place your online ads? It’s a bit like choosing the right outfit for the occasion.

You wouldn’t show up to a black-tie event in your scuba gear, would you?

Similarly, choosing the right platform for your advertising is all about matching the venue with your intentions.

Some platforms are great for a grand debut, others for nurturing leads, and still others for making the sale. And, let’s bust a myth while we’re at it – LinkedIn isn’t the only playground for B2B marketing. It’s a bit like thinking the only place to find good fish and chips is by the seaside!

Online Ads
Google and YouTube Ads

Advertise on Google and You Tube

Google and YouTube are the behemoths of the digital world, processing billions of user queries daily. Their secret? Unmatched data analysis. They intuitively anticipate users’ needs, offering solutions before users even realize they need them.

Advertising on these platforms is proactive, putting solutions and options in front of users’ eyes. YouTube further enhances this approach, being both reactive like Google and predictive like Meta, anticipating user needs.

Google advertising excels in industries tied to active online searches for products or services. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages these platforms offer.

Advertise on Meta

Meta’s advertising realm, including Facebook and Instagram, is a goldmine of data, powered by one of the industry’s most potent AI algorithms. It significantly outperforms others with up to 29,000 data points on potential clients, offering deep insights into your target audience.

Meta’s platforms boast a vast user base, filled with potential customers for both B2C and B2B businesses. But the real magic lies in its behavioural targeting. Unlike casting a wide net, with Meta, you aim your ads based on user behaviour, ensuring the right people get your message at the right time. That’s smart advertising.

Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the titan of professional networking, possesses a detailed user database with categorisations by job roles, interests, and company affiliations. This makes it perfect for targeting specific roles.

But, there are caveats: LinkedIn advertising can be costly, often more than ten times compared to other platforms. LinkedIn users, usually engaged in work, may overlook ads. There’s also fierce competition for decision-maker attention, and your company’s profile must be impeccable for effective advertising.

Despite these challenges, at Stone in the Shoe, we’ve successfully navigated LinkedIn’s advertising landscape for various industries and campaigns.

Online ads on LinkedIn? Read this.

DeepFlo™: The Neuroscience-backed Strategy for Superior Results

Discover DeepFlo™ – our revolutionary, neuroscience-based approach to online advertising that supercharges your campaign’s effectiveness with AI, while reducing costs. Our method isn’t just innovative, it’s deeply rooted in understanding human emotions and how they drive our actions.

Engage on a Deeper Level

By leveraging principles of cognitive science, we don’t just reach your audience, we resonate with them on a deep, subconscious level. DeepFlo™ specifically targets the amygdala, an area of the brain that governs our emotions, fears, and desires, sparking a powerful and immediate emotional response.

It’s like online ads with super-powers.

Capture Attention Instantly

Imagine a methodology that halts endless scrolling and compels viewers to engage with your content. With our DeepFlo™ blueprint, we do exactly that, creating custom, targeted neural videos and images that hook viewers in the first 3 seconds, and keep them engaged until the end. That’s the core of the DeepFlo™ methodology.

Reach Your Ideal Customers Only

With DeepFlo™ we leverage the vast potential of AI to identify and reach your most valuable prospects. Our unique methodology interprets complex data and behavioural patterns to zero in on your specific target audience, making every impression count. By focusing on those genuinely interested in your offerings, DeepFlo™ optimises your marketing budget, ensuring you get the highest return on your investment.



I am very impressed with the results we achieved working with Stone in the Shoe. Their digital marketing expertise, especially their DeepFlo™ online ads campaign, has had a profound impact on our business.

Tej Desai – CEO

Argo Maritime

The recent DeepFlo™ lead generation campaign run by Stone in the Shoe for Argo Maritime was a paradigm shift in digital marketing strategy. In a highly competitive logistics and forwarding market, the approach set Argo Maritime apart from its competitors.

Massimiliano Piazza – Commercial Director

ADM360 Group

The partnership with Stone in the Shoe has been an absolute game-changer for ADM360. Their expertise in digital marketing, coupled with their innovative DeepFlo™ methodology, has allowed us to effectively showcase our solutions and connect with our target audience on a deep emotional level.

Carina Mariño – CEO

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