High Cost of Sales

Big sales with thin profit margin: that's a recipe for disaster.

There are a few reasons why your pre-sales machine is chewing your margin. The obvious one is the inefficiency of the pre-sales team which becomes like a ballast, a heavyweight that prevents your sales team your sharks, from being efficient. The second scenario, which happens often is that your pre-sales and sales machine is not leveraging automation and Artificial Intelligence.


Stone in the Shoe can help you identify the core issues in your pipeline and suggest the corrective actions to take in order to rectify your sales strategy, close more deals and eliminate inefficiencies.

Worse (or better) at every step.

Imagine all the phases of your sales pipeline. It’s different for each industry but, as an example, let’s say it’s:

Awareness > Consideration ->Lead generation > Qualification > Conversion > Negotiation > Closure > Upsell and Cross-sell

Every step has a cost and a function. If the cost is too high and the function is not efficient, you’re wasting your money. Furthermore, the good or bad setup of every phase has a ripple effect on all the following steps.

For example, you can have a killer lead generation engine but if your pre-sale team is not efficient (or too expensive), the results can’t be good. The opposite is true, you may have the dream team of pre-sales agents and a terrible lead generation strategy: the same results are expected.

Gold at every step

It is possible, today, to use technology and methodology to optimise every step of the sales funnel. At Stone in the Shoe, we’ve re-designed the sales processes of multinational companies, significantly increasing the conversion rate while often not increasing their budget.  The key is to have the best configuration right from the top of the funnel and optimize every single step. Gold in = gold out (and the opposite is true, too.)

Disqualify fast!

What we often find with new clients is not necessarily a lack of leads (that too, but not always) but a low percentage of leads that actually convert into sales.

This can often be corrected with a better, A.I.-based lead generation strategy, but the other problem we find most often is the total lack of a fast disqualification process.

Imagine that you are about to buy a crate of apples. Surely you won’t want to leave any rotten apples in the crate before you buy it, so why would you entertain leads that won’t convert?

Stone in the Shoe implements technologies and methodologies that not only improve the quality of the target audience from the get-go, but we can also help you filter out the leads that would never convert.

In this way, only the best candidates will get to your pre-sale and sales team. And because that’s where your higher cost typically sits, you’re already saving while you increase sales.

You’re welcome 😉

Content Strategy

Automate – Automate – Automate

Companies that don’t adopt Artificial Intelligence will be out of business in the next 5 to 10 years, simply because those who use A.I. will have such an unfair advantage that it won’t be possible for traditional businesses to compete.

What can you do with A.I.?

  • Cut costs in most areas of an organization.
  • Increase the speed of clients’ adoption.
  • Streamline processes with automation.
  • Reach the right target audience
  • Re-target users who did show interest in your brand until they buy.

Our experience with A.I. started in 2002 and in the last 20 years we’ve deployed life-changing Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics across multiple industries, including banking and government.

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