ITCBA's Success Story: How a DeepFlo™ Campaign Transformed Client Acquisition

Leveraging AI and Compounded Tactics to Attract Targeted Clients and Drive Sales Growth for ITC Business Administrators
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Industry: Debt Collection Services

Service: Online Ads (DeepFlo™)

Market: South Africa


ITCBA, a debt collection service company, faced the challenge of finding the right type of clients. They needed to target professionals and small to medium enterprises while avoiding single business owners or companies that were too large for their scope of work. The goal was to attract the ideal client profile and minimise time wasted on leads that were not a good fit.

Solution and Implementation

Stone in the Shoe devised a strategic online advertising campaign using their proprietary methodology, DeepFlo™. Leveraging compounded artificial intelligence tactics, the campaign ensured that the algorithm identified and targeted the right leads for ITCBA. Over time, the algorithm was refined to exclude leads that were not suitable for the initiative. To enhance the effectiveness of the campaign, Stone in the Shoe created a series of captivating creatives, including videos and pictures, aligned with the DeepFlo™ methodology. These creatives were designed to trigger an emotional response in the viewers, increasing the chances of conversion.

To streamline the lead nurturing process and improve conversion rates, Stone in the Shoe implemented a sales automation approach. This approach not only accelerated the feedback time when leads came in but also enhanced the conversion rate when reaching out to potential clients. Regular online meetings between Stone in the Shoe and ITCBA allowed for campaign fine-tuning and continuous improvement, optimising performance month after month.


In the first month, the leads collected included a mix of warm opportunities and contacts that did not align with the desired target audience. Armed with this valuable information, Stone in the Shoe and ITCBA were able to refine the campaign strategy, the configuration of the AI algorithm and the creatives mix. As a result, from the second month onwards, there was a significant improvement in both lead quality and quantity. The DeepFlo™ campaign generated a higher number of hot opportunities, leading to a remarkable 32% increase in sales for ITCBA.


The collaboration between Stone in the Shoe and ITCBA proved instrumental in achieving exceptional results. By leveraging the power of DeepFlo™ and implementing a targeted online advertising campaign, ITCBA successfully attracted the right clients, optimized lead quality, and significantly increased their sales. The ongoing partnership between Stone in the Shoe and ITCBA continues to drive success by refining the campaign and adapting strategies to meet evolving business needs. Through innovative digital marketing approaches and a client-centric focus, Stone in the Shoe enables companies like ITCBA to overcome challenges, maximise their growth potential, and achieve remarkable results in their respective industries.

As the CEO of ITC Business Administrators (ITCBA), I am very impressed with the results we achieved working with Stone in the Shoe. Their digital marketing expertise, especially their DeepFlo™ campaign, has had a profound impact on our business. By leveraging advanced AI tactics and strategic targeting, we were able to attract the right clients and experience remarkable sales growth. Stone in the Shoe’s team demonstrated exceptional dedication, creativity, and ongoing optimization, ensuring that our campaign delivered outstanding outcomes. I highly recommend Stone in the Shoe to any business seeking effective digital marketing solutions.

Tej Desai

CEO, ITC Business Administrators


ITC Business Administrators (ITCBA) is a leading provider of debt collection services, specializing in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of debt recovery. With a strong focus on professionalism and integrity, ITCBA offers tailored solutions to assist clients in recovering outstanding debts and improving their cash flow. Their experienced team of professionals understands the intricacies of debt collection and employs strategic techniques to ensure effective and ethical results. ITCBA’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and achieving optimal outcomes makes them a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable debt recovery solutions.

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