Breaking Through the Noise: Acquiring New B2B Clients in a Highly Competitive Industry

Unlocking B2B Client Growth in Competitive Markets: Harnessing AI and Neuroscience for Digital Marketing Success at Argo Maritime
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Industry: Air & Sea Freight Forwarding, Logistics

Service: Online Ads (DeepFlo™)

Market: Europe & Africa


In a saturated and competitive freight and logistics market, Argo Maritime faced the challenge of navigating through a crowded landscape. Finding the right clients, reaching the appropriate decision-makers, and effectively communicating their unique value proposition proved to be formidable obstacles.


Stone in the Shoe provided businesses with digital marketing strategies and solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and neuroscience. They employed their proprietary DeepFlo™ methodology to create compelling online advertisements that significantly outperform standard online and traditional ads, bringing Argo Maritime’s unique solution in front of the ideal clients.


  • To address the specific goal of generating quality leads, Stone in the Shoe executed a targeted lead-generation campaign for Argo Maritime. Advanced digital marketing tactics and cutting-edge technology were leveraged to effectively reach the desired audience without compromising the budget. By implementing AI-driven strategies, Stone in the Shoe optimized the campaign’s targeting capabilities, ensuring that potential clients with specific needs and challenges were engaged.

  • To optimize the sales process and improve efficiency, automation and artificial intelligence technologies were integrated to support both the pre-sales and sales teams. These mature technologies, widely utilized in the digital marketing realm, streamlined workflows and enhanced the effectiveness of lead qualification and conversion.

  • To overcome growth limitations, Stone in the Shoe employed digital marketing strategies tailored to propel Argo Maritime’s growth trajectory. By applying data-driven insights and utilizing innovative techniques, the campaign aimed to accelerate business growth and expand market presence.

    Recognizing the significance of quality leads, Stone in the Shoe implemented three essential digital marketing tactics: targeting a high-quality audience that aligns with Argo Maritime’s services, automating the lead qualification process, and establishing a lean and efficient pre-sales system. These measures ensured that the campaign generated leads from the right target audience, optimizing the chances of conversion and maximizing the return on investment for Argo Maritime.


The lead generation campaign yielded impressive results right from the first month. Argo Maritime experienced a substantial influx of high-quality leads, indicating the successful targeting and messaging employed by Stone in the Shoe. The campaign’s focus on attracting potential clients facing specific challenges and in need of tailored solutions proved effective in generating solid leads.

Additionally, the campaign leveraged low-quality leads (which naturally come in at the beginning of a campaign)  to train the algorithm and enhance its targeting capabilities. By utilizing the data gathered during the initial period, Stone in the Shoe continuously refined the targeting parameters, leading to an ongoing improvement in the quality of results with each passing month. This iterative approach ensured that the campaign became increasingly efficient and effective, driving better outcomes for Argo Maritime in terms of lead quality and conversion rates.

These early successes and the continual optimization of the campaign demonstrated the power of Stone in the Shoe’s DeepFlo™ methodology, which combines AI tactics and data-driven insights to deliver exceptional results. Argo Maritime’s collaboration with Stone in the Shoe showcased the value of innovative digital marketing strategies in overcoming industry challenges and achieving remarkable lead generation outcomes.


By leveraging the power of digital marketing, automation, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience-based tactics, Stone in the Shoe is helping organizations not only to increase their sales but also to achieve better profit margins. This case study is an example of how the right application of technology can lead to business growth and profitability.

The recent lead generation campaign run by Stone in the Shoe for Argo Maritime was a paradigm shift in digital marketing strategy. In a highly competitive logistics and forwarding market, the approach set Argo Maritime apart from its competitors. By leveraging advanced AI and neuroscience tactics, Stone in the Shoe sourced high-quality leads that have proved valuable for Argo Maritime, effectively streamlining our pre-sales process. This not only reflected the forward-thinking and innovative approach of Argo Maritime but also reaffirmed our position as a leader in the logistics and forwarding industry. The positive results of the campaign continue to underscore Argo Maritime’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge strategies for business growth and customer satisfaction.

Massimiliano Piazza

Commercial Director, Argo Maritime

About Argo Maritime

Argo Maritime operates as a nimble and agile player within the logistics and freight forwarding industry, offering the unique advantage of being small enough to rapidly accommodate client needs and, thanks to their network, large enough to act like a major logistics company.

Despite their smaller size, they boast an extensive global network, enabling them to provide robust, comprehensive services usually associated with much larger corporations. This unique combination of agility and expansive reach makes Argo Maritime an optimal choice for clients seeking efficient, personalised, and wide-ranging logistics solutions at a very competitive price.

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