Boosting ADM360's Brand Visibility and Sales Conversions with DeepFlo™ Methodology

AI and neuroscience-based strategies, Stone in the Shoe empowered ADM 360 Group to overcome growth ceilings, enhance brand visibility, and boost sales, setting a new benchmark for the industry..
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Industry: Professional Services

Service: Neural-Video

Market: North America and Latin America


ADM360 is an outsourcing firm that offers a wide range of services including administration, accounting, tax, process improvement, and digital marketing in the US and in Latin America. Their clients are organisations looking to streamline their operations by outsourcing some of their back-office functions. As ADM360 was expanding its reach in both the North American and Latin American markets, they needed an effective way to showcase their solutions and the benefits they bring to their clients.


The challenge was two-fold: on one hand, ADM360 needed to increase brand visibility in their target markets; on the other hand, they wanted to increase their sales conversions. The key was to create a corporate video that would emotionally resonate with potential clients, highlighting the challenges they are facing and the solutions provided by ADM360.


Stone in the Shoe came on board to create a compelling corporate video that leverages our proprietary DeepFlo™ methodology. This technique uses neuromarketing tactics to trigger emotional responses in viewers, thereby making the brand and its offerings more memorable and appealing. The video was meticulously crafted to showcase the problems potential clients face, followed by ADM360’s solutions, and finally, the satisfaction of ADM360’s clients when they outsource their services to them. We produced the video in both English and Spanish to cater to both North American and Latin American markets.

In addition to sourcing the footage and producing the voiceover in both languages, Stone in the Shoe was also responsible for writing the script for the video. The narrative was designed to build a strong connection between the viewers and ADM360, making them understand the value that ADM360 could bring to their businesses.


The corporate video played a crucial role in elevating ADM360’s brand visibility in their target markets. It also helped to showcase the value of their services, leading to an increase in sales conversions. The use of the DeepFlo™ methodology ensured the video was engaging and impactful, resonating well with the audience and triggering the desired emotional responses.

By highlighting the challenges their potential clients are facing and how ADM360 can help, the video was able to effectively communicate ADM360’s value proposition and the benefits of outsourcing services to them.


This project highlights the power of the DeepFlo™ methodology in creating engaging and emotionally resonant content. The corporate video was successful in boosting ADM360’s brand visibility and sales conversions, reinforcing the effectiveness of this approach in digital marketing.

The partnership with Stone in the Shoe has been an absolute game-changer for ADM360. Their expertise in digital marketing, coupled with their innovative DeepFlo™ methodology, has allowed us to effectively showcase our solutions and connect with our target audience on a deep emotional level. The corporate video they created captured the essence of our brand, effectively addressing the challenges our clients face and highlighting the value we bring to their businesses. The results have been remarkable, with increased brand visibility, higher sales conversions, and a stronger market presence. We are incredibly grateful for the dedication, creativity, and professionalism of the Stone in the Shoe team. They have truly helped us take our business to new heights.

Carina Mariño

CEO, ADM360 Group

About Adm360

Adm360 is a leading provider of custom, creative, and innovative comprehensive administrative solutions. We specialize in assisting SMEs, entrepreneurs, and new projects in optimizing their operational and economic results through enhanced productivity, time management, and cost efficiency. Our core values drive our approach to client service, including a strong emphasis on innovation, teamwork, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and unwavering commitment. Guided by ethics, integrity, and adherence to professional best practices, our mission is to establish a trusted and mutually beneficial partnership with our clients. Our vision is to be the preferred leader and benchmark in Latin America for innovative outsourced management solutions, delivering personalized services that add value to decision-making and drive profitable and sustained growth for our clients.

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