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Crafting an Online Presence for Luxury: A Minimalistic and Elegant Website for Renowned Italian Designer Alberto Vedelago.
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Industry: Luxury Fashion

Service: Web presence

Market: Global

Project Overview

For renowned Italian designer Alberto Vedelago, we created a digital embodiment of his luxurious brand. Specialising in bespoke suits, shirts, shoes, and more, Vedelago’s clientele includes the affluent and famous from around the globe. Our task was to capture the essence of his brand in a minimalistic, yet elegant, “online business card”.

The Solution

We designed a sophisticated and understated homepage that serves as a digital storefront for Vedelago’s brand. The website was created with a minimalist aesthetic to reflect the designer’s focus on craftsmanship and quality, rather than unnecessary embellishments. A captivating video adds a touch of dynamic elegance, offering visitors a glimpse into the meticulous attention to detail that Vedelago is renowned for.


The result is a website that exudes the elegance and exclusivity of the Alberto Vedelago brand. The simplicity of the design ensures that each visitor’s attention is focused on the craftsmanship of the designer’s work, leaving a lasting impression of refined luxury.

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Alberto Vedelago

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