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Kagiso Trust's Hackathon for Local Government Excellence
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A New Dawn for South African Municipalities

Kagiso Trust Presents: The Hackathon for Local Government Excellence

In our journey towards fostering resilient, efficient, and effective local governments, Kagiso Trust is proud to announce an unparalleled opportunity for innovation: a Hackathon dedicated to overcoming the challenges faced by municipalities across South Africa.

We understand the hurdles: long queues, inconsistent service delivery, and aging infrastructure are symptoms of deeper issues. Instead of assigning blame, we see immense potential in harnessing technology to enhance the capabilities of our municipal workers and systems.

Why Kagiso Trust Cares

Our commitment goes beyond identifying problems. We are here to build bridges—connecting technology, ideas, and the brilliant minds capable of transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement.

A Weekend of Innovation

Join us for a transformative event where South Africa’s brightest minds collaborate to create tech-driven solutions aimed at:

  • Streamlining service delivery
  • Improving infrastructure management
  • Enhancing data accuracy for better decision-making

Imagine a Future…

Where local governments operate with unmatched efficiency, powered by reliable data and innovative solutions that meet our communities’ needs.

This is not just a vision; it’s a future we’re dedicated to building. Together, we can pave the way for data-driven governance that strengthens and connects our communities.

Join the Movement

We invite managers and decision-makers from municipalities across the nation to witness how Kagiso Trust is championing the cause for better local government through technology.

Let’s Engage

Discover how we can collectively uplift the standards of local governance. Kagiso Trust is more than an ally; we are your partner in driving meaningful change for a brighter, more efficient South Africa.

About Kagiso Trust

Kagiso Trust is at the forefront of combating poverty through sustainable socio-economic development, with a particular focus on enhancing local government operations, education, and community development. Our mission is to create a more equitable and prosperous South Africa for all.