The DeepFlo™ Blueprint

by Simone Zanetti

Boost lead generation, sales and brand engagement with Marketing Automation (FREE BLUEPRINT)

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This video is a 30 minutes masterclass on how to use the DeepFlo™ methodology to:

  • Automate lead generation and your salesforce in LinkedIn
  • Automate lead generation and your sales on Facebook and Instagram
  • Quickly increase your brand engagement in social media

Plus a number of hacks for marketing automation.

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Simone has been helping companies of all sizes to take marketing automation to a level where it impacts the profitability of the enterprise increasing sales and cutting waste in the advertising costs.

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About Simone Zanetti

Hi there! I’m Simone, I was born in Italy and lived in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, USA and  South Africa (yep, in this order).

I’ve opened several businesses in various industries but the majority are around high-tech digital marketing and AI.

I sold all my businesses and now I run a small digital agency (Stone in the Shoe) and I create educational material on YouTube.

I’ve learnt most of what I know from people sharing their knowledge, so I’m returning the favor by sharing in these pages and YouTube videos my experience and what I’ve learnt in the past 50 years.

I hope it will help you.

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